Students often come into Louisiana Adult & Teen Challenge with little or no hope in life. They have burned every bridge and lost almost everything due to drug abuse and other crimes. Most times, they have limited outside help supporting them during this time; therefore, we do not charge a monthly tuition.  If you would like to help offset these costs, you can sponsor a student for as little as $35 a month.  You can also sponsor a child that is enrolled here with their mother for an additional $15 per child. Your sponsorship means that they have someone who cares and is invested in their success!

As a monthly sponsor, you can expect:

  • A packet with information about your student
  • Monthly updates
  • The opportunity to write letters to your student
  • The opportunity to send care packages to your student
  • You can pray for them
  • You will receive a personal invitation to attend their Graduation Ceremony

Your new sponsor packet will look like this!

Contact our Intake & Development Office at 318-209-4524 for additional information.