A Proven Christ Centered Approach.

Across the globe, and here in the United States, Adult & Teen Challenge has developed and implemented a variety of drug prevention and recovery programs that are aimed at meeting the needs of the local community.  All of these programs are based on the core principles developed in Adult & Teen Challenge’s Christ-centered residential recovery program.

During the typical 12-month program, those with addiction or life-controlling problems receive help to recover from the decisions and beliefs that kept them in the vicious cycle of using drugs and alcohol to cope with life.  Adult & Teen Challenge programs offer targeted assistance to both adolescents and adults.

In the program, staff and students work together, concentrationg on five key areas:

  • Addressing destructive habits
  • Healing personal wounds
  • Developing character
  • Life skills training
  • Re-entry assistance

Our Goal for Louisiana Adult & Teen Challenge has been, and continues to be, not to have a waiting list.  This has given every addict in Louisiana the opportunity to receive the best of care without charge for their whole 12 month stay.

Greg Dill

Chief Executive Officer

Louisiana Adult & Teen Challenge


Free Hope Within Reach

I am excited you are interested in the life changing ministry of Louisiana Adult & Teen Challenge.  I personally have benefited from the free program of Teen Challenge.  It was a hot summer day in 1997 that I decided to leave the life of sleeping behind a dumpster and walk fifteen miles to enter Teen Challenge in New Orleans.  I had battled with an eighteen-year addiction that ended that day.

My mother had made the call to Teen Challenge expecting to hear what her financial responsibility was going to be.  To her surprise they said tell your son to get here today, we don’t need any money!  My life was totally changed by God’s grace and the Teen Challenge program.  I am a graduate of the program who has truly benefited from the gifts of those who may never know me.  Now I am happily married with a daughter and two grandchildren. This is what people like you enable Adult & Teen Challenge to do.  Thank you!

Upon graduation from Teen Challenge it has been my passion to help make sure that we continue to provide free help to all the other hurting people who reach out to us desiring to change their hopeless situation.

Gary Bentley

Chief Operating Officer

Louisiana Adult & Teen Challenge


Most of my life was spent trapped in addiction, depression and wanting to die. All of that changed when a family member suggested that I come to Louisiana Adult & Teen Challenge to learn how to live a sober life.I had no idea that God was going to set me free from all of my addictions, and call me to full time ministry. I now serve as the Director at Mount Grace Adult & Teen Challenge for Women.  I am very thankful for Louisiana Adult & Teen Challenge because they introduced me to Christ, who replaced the void in my life that I once filled with drugs.

Jessica Arcement


Mount Grace Adult & Teen Challenge – Training for Women

I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for 13 years.  I entered Louisiana Adult and Teen Challenge in 2006.  2 weeks into the program I surrendered my life to Christ and He gave me true freedom.

After graduating I stayed on to serve with the ministry, and I get the privilege of seeing God transform lives on a regular basis.  Since graduating God blessed me with a beautiful wife, and 2 daughters.  I currently serve as the Director of our Ruston Campus.

Thank you for your interest and support so that we can continue to provide free help for people just like me.

Nathan Buckles


Ruston Adult & Teen Challenge – Induction for Men

My wife Christy and I thank you for visiting the website. I personally graduated the program in 1992 and I know firsthand what God can do in an addict’s life through this program. I prayed for a wife while in the program and years later when the time was right God brought me my beautiful wife Christy. Together we are Directors of Minden Adult & Teen Challenge Family Center. We take in women, women with children and pregnant women. My wife and I get to see God transform these ladies lives and restore families. It is amazing. We are here to give hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless. Let us know if we can help you in any way. God Bless.

Andy & Christy Jenkins


Minden Family Center

My husband Eric and I are homegrown Louisianians and love everything Cajun.  We were both born and raised in Scott, Louisiana and were raised in Catholic homes.  Life took us down separate roads until 2004.  At that time we were both lost, divorced and on the verge of divorce, searching, broken and addicted too many things.  God crossed our paths and although our relationship did not begin in a sanctified manner, on 6/22/08, God radically changed both of us.  We fell in love with our savior and began, what would be a rocky, road to healing and deliverance.  We began attending church weekly and learning what the Scriptures taught.  We were members of a healthy body of Christ, Crossroads Church in Lafayette.  Through many counseling sessions, bible studies, and being shepherded by our pastors we grew in our passion of the Gospel and the lost.   We had many trials and tribulations but none that would separate us from God.  We married on 10/18/18, and it has been quite the journey. We have five beautiful children between the two of us and our family is a reflection of God’s grace in our lives.  We now have a grandson and know that the legacy he steps into is one of servitude and devotion to the Most High.
We joined the Louisiana Adult and Teen Challenge family in 2013.  At first we served as volunteers at the Lafayette men’s induction center doing bible studies and worked weekend shifts.  The Lord called me to seek my credentials with The Assemblies of God and LAATC was willing to allow me the privilege to teach during Friday night Chapels.  Later in 2014, I met the former director of LAATC – The Bridge and began serving there as well.  Over the course of 5 years, we have served as a fill in staff members, mentor, advocate, and many other amazing positions for this ministry.  After obtaining my first level of credentials, I clearly heard the call of God to LAATC.  This is our mission field and we love it.  Brother Gary Bentley and Brother Greg Dill, as well as their wives, Sister Sandy Bentley and Sister Gail Dill, have welcomed us at every opportunity with open arms.  They have walked this new season out with us and supported us every step of the way.  It is an honor and privilege to now serve as the Director of LAATC – The Bridge.  My husband and I are thrilled at this new season and can’t wait to see all that God will do here.
The Great Commission given us in Matthew, applies to each and everyone of us.  We are all called to preach the Good News!  We are all called to live a servants life to the lost and broken, that they might know that love of Christ!  Eric and I have found our mission field and pray that God will continue to stretch us and grow us, all the while healing and saving the lost through our lives.

Phoebe Hoffpauir


“The Bridge” Induction Center for Women