Louisiana Adult & Teen Challenge (LAATC) is a faith-based treatment facility providing effective, residential care to men and women struggling with addiction and other life controlling issues.  We strive to put hope within reach of every addict through our comprehensive approach to recovery, so that they may become successful individuals at home, the workplace, and within the community.

Program Breakdown

Program Length:

18 month requirement to graduate:

12 months residential and 6 months of optional aftercare

Program Cost:

  • $750 induction fee

  • $250 induction fee per child enrolling, not to exceed $500

  • $125 for a return bus fare (cash) *refundable if not used

  • No monthly charge!

Who Can Enroll?

  • Our program is available for anyone who needs help, not limited to addiction.

  • Men and women 18 years and older. *Some 17 year old age exceptions may be made.

  • Women with their children, up to 3 children under the age of 9.

3 Phase Approach:

  • Phase 1: New clients are enrolled at an Induction Center. Men remain in this phase for the first 3 months, women for the first 4 months.

  • Phase 2: Clients then transfer to a Training Center for the remainder of their residential program. At month 9, the men will participate in our new Transition Program for the remainder of this phase. The women will stay at their Training Center.

  • Phase 3: Upon completion of the residential program, clients have the option to enroll in aftercare for an additional 6 months.  This phase is optional, but required to graduate.

Accredited Program:

We are accredited by the Adult & Teen Challenge National Office and established as a 501c3 organization.


A study conducted by the Center for Compassion at Evangel University confirms 78% of graduates from Adult & Teen Challenge addiction recovery centers remain sober and substance free post-graduation! View Statistics

Services Offered:

  • Faith based addiction treatment

  • Counseling & mentorship

  • Group & Personal Studies curriculum

  • Character development

  • On-site vocational training

  • GED acquirement

  • Higher education through Bridges Christian College

  • Extra-curricular activities

  • Transition Program for Men

  • Facilitate/accommodate legal situations