Leadership Team

Greg Dill, Chief Executive Officer

Abigail Dill, Chief Financial Officer

Greg & Abigail Dill are graduates of Teen Challenge Bible Institute (1981) and former employees of Teen Challenge of Louisiana, Inc beginning in 1981.  With God’s direction, in September 1987, they founded and incorporated Greater New Orleans Teen Challenge, Inc in the former Teen Challenge of Louisiana, Inc. building. This location is the heart and soul of the organization, and today it serves as an induction center for men and the corporate headquarters. Over the next 35 years, Greater New Orleans Teen Challenge became known as Louisiana Adult & Teen Challenge and has expanded across the entire state with eight residential campuses, two corporate offices, and three well-established businesses. Greg and Gail Dill are the incredible parents of three children, two amazing daughter in laws and the cutest two grandchildren. With over 40 years in the ministry it is clear this is God’s calling on their life. Greg and Gail live by the idea of “we get to do this” and lead this ministry with immense love and compassion.

Greg Dill

A favorite mantra of mine is “change is possible” Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that 45 years after asking Christ into my life while sitting in the receiving tier of Orleans Parish Prison I would be where I am today. At 16 years of age my life consisted of 5 armed robberies and a clinical diagnosis as an alcoholic while in a mental treatment hospital. I was destined for nothing good! Sitting in Parish Prison I prayed “God IF you are real and IF You can change my life here it is.” From that day forward I haven’t looked back. Step forward 7 years I have graduated Bible School together with my fiancé Gail, we married and entered the Teen Challenge ministry 2 weeks after our wedding. Over 40 years later we are blessed to be a part of this wonderful ministry team.

Gail Dill

When I was 11 years old I experienced and watched God’s power to drastically change a life. I watched this troubled family member genuinely become a new person after entering Teen Challenge and accepting Christ. This experience not only changed his life but led me and my family to understand we are all sinners and need salvation. Even if I hadn’t done all the “things” that people think are bad I was born a sinner and needed Jesus. I accepted Christ as my savior and at 15 I felt called to work in the Teen Challenge ministry. I wanted nothing except to be a part of what only God could do, offering hope and real change to those hurting. I trained at Bible School specifically for this ministry, met and then married my husband Greg shortly after graduating and have had the privilege of serving in this ministry with Him and so many other wonderful people – friends for over 40 years. Change is possible and will last forever. What a great life God gives!

Gary Bentley, Chief Operating Officer

Sandy Bentley, Assistant to COO

Gary Bentley has been involved in Adult & Teen Challenge since 1997. He graduated from the program then began working full time with Louisiana Adult & Teen Challenge. Gary struggled with addiction for over 18 years, and he understands what it takes to come out of addiction.  Since then, Gary has been a part of opening seven campuses around the state of Louisiana. He is married with a daughter and two grandchildren, and he is also the author of “Rehab is Not for the Soul,” a book that he wrote to help the students and their families.

Gary Bentley

I am excited you are interested in the life changing ministry of Louisiana Adult & Teen Challenge.  I personally have benefited from the free program of Teen Challenge.  It was a hot summer day in 1997 that I decided to leave the life of sleeping behind a dumpster and walk fifteen miles to enter Teen Challenge in New Orleans.  I had battled with an eighteen-year addiction that ended that day.  My mother had made the call to Teen Challenge expecting to hear what her financial responsibility was going to be.  To her surprise they said tell your son to get here today, we don't need any money!  My life was totally changed by God's grace and the Teen Challenge program.  I am a graduate of the program who has truly benefited from the gifts of those who may never know me.  Now I am happily married with a daughter and two grandchildren. This is what people like you enable Adult & Teen Challenge to do.  Thank you! Upon graduation from Teen Challenge it has been my passion to help make sure that we continue to provide free help to all the other hurting people who reach out to us desiring to change their hopeless situation.

Chris Salter

Clinical Director

Chad Arcement

Finance Manager

Andy & Christy Jenkins

Directors of the Minden Family Center

Nathan Buckles

Director of Ruston Adult & Teen Challenge

Amy Roppolo

Office Manager- Intake & Development

Jessica Arcement

Director of Mt. Grace for Women

Mike Davis

Director of Mt. Grace for Men

Kenny Miller

Director of Shreveport Adult & Teen Challenge

Scotty Aymond

Director of Lafayette Adult & Teen Challenge

Colleen Maxey

Director of The Bridge Adult Teen Challenge