Putting hope within reach of every addict with a comprehensive approach to recovery.

Our purpose is to help these individuals overcome life-controlling issues as they become successful individuals at home, the workplace, and within the community.

We have a 78% success rate!

Program Breakdown

Program Length:

18 month requirement to graduate- 12 months as a residential student, 6 months as a transition student.

Program Cost:

  • $750 Induction Fee

  • $250 per child enrolling, not to exceed $500

  • $125 Refundable Cash Bus Fare

  • No monthly charge!

Who Can Enroll?

  • Our program is available for anyone who needs help, not limited to addiction.

  • Men & Women 18 years and older.

  • Women with their children. Up to 3 children under the age of 9.

3 Phase Approach:

  • Phase 1: This is the entry phase of our residential program to be completed at an Induction Center, for the first 4 months.

  • Phase 2: This is the training phase of our residential program to be completed at a Training Center, for the remaining 8 months.

  • 3rd Phase: This final phase is a period of transition and is essential to our students’ success.  It must be completed as a residential intern or non-residential accountability student for 6 months.

Services Offered:

  • Character Development

  • Biblical Foundation

  • On-Site Vocational Training

  • GED Acquirement

  • Case Management

  • Counseling & Mentorship

  • Group & Personal Studies

  • Extra-Curricular Activities