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General Information about Louisiana Teen Challenge

  • Is Louisiana Teen Challenge just for teens?
    No, the vast majority of centers are actually for adults ages 18 and up. The directory of centers lists the centers and provides the gender and age brackets for each program.
  • Is Louisiana Teen Challenge a medical program?
    Louisiana Teen Challenge believes in the faith model and concentrates on focusing attention on God and His will for those that enter the program as well as those who are being assisted in some of the services offered. While recognizing the need for expertise in some areas, Louisiana Teen Challenge does not subscribe to the medical model of helping an individual involved in drug abuse.
  • Why is Louisiana Teen Challenge effective?
    Some might say that it is the length of the program (12-18 months) along with the religious environment that helps people kick the habits that have been formed over the years. We believe it is because of something (or someone) we call “the Jesus Factor.?When a person finds a relationship with God everything changes. New priorities, attitudes, reactions, plans and goals in life all add up to real change. New-found life in Christ and learning biblical principles for daily living replace the old lifestyle and the attitudes and behaviors underlying them.
  • Is Louisiana Teen Challenge open to people of all faiths?
    Louisiana Teen Challenge is based foundationally on a literal interpretation of the Protestant Bible. It is our belief that applying the principles of Scripture to a person’s life will enrich their life and provide them with a path of a personal relationship with God. Certainly people of other faiths may enter the program but, as they are informed of the nature of the program, they voluntarily choose to participate. It is not required that a student have a conversion experience to enter or complete, but conversion is regarded as the greatest hope for breaking an addiction.
  • What is a restoration program and where are they located?
    Restoration (commonly known as relapse or recovery) programs are for those who have already gone through a Louisiana Teen Challenge program and need some additional support and accountability. A graduate needs to contact the center they attended to inquire as to whether a restoration program is available.
  • Can anyone order your curriculum?
    Just about anyone. The only caution we have is that some might inadvertently assume that if they are using TC curriculum that the program they are operating is a Louisiana Teen Challenge center. This is simply not true. You are welcome to use the curriculum with the understanding that the name Louisiana Teen Challenge should not be used in reference to a program without permission.
  • FAQ’s for Applicants

    • How can I get help?
      Contact the center in the desired location, remembering that you must provide transportation to get there. Ask for the intake person and let them know you want information about entering the program. They will provide you with entrance and program information.
    • What is the age that an individual may enter your program and do you have a cut off age?
      Our centers range from 18 and up with very few centers putting a cap on the age. In our programs the average age is generally between 25 and 35.
    • Do I have to participate in the religious aspects of the program to receive services?
      An applicant is carefully informed as to the faith-based nature of the program and that entering a Louisiana Teen Challenge program is voluntary; however, all aspects of the program are mandatory upon entrance.
    • If a person drops out of the program, can they get their money back?
      Each individual center has its own policy on returning money. That policy must be shared at the time of intake and provided for you in writing. In most cases entrance fees are non-refundable. In adolescent centers, where many times finances are more of an issue, information could be provided by the center as to return policies.
    • Do you have centers that are lock down?
      As a general rule Louisiana Teen Challenge is for those who voluntarily want to get into the program to receive assistance with life-controlling problems. At this time Louisiana Teen Challenge does not have a true lock-down facility.
    • Do you have centers for the whole family?
      There are a few centers in the country for whole families. Call 417-862-6969 for contact information for those programs.
    • Do you have centers for mothers and children and if so where?
      There are a few centers in the country for mothers and children. Call 417-862-6969 for contact information for those programs.
    • Do you have coed centers?
      Louisiana Teen Challenge's center do not allow intermingling between the sexes. We have programs available for both male and females, but interaction is strictly controlled.
    • Can I detox at your centers and if not where can I go?
      Louisiana Teen Challenge requires that you detox before entering the program. There are detox centers in most communities. The local Louisiana Teen Challenge should have some recommendations as to where a good detox program would be in your area.
    • Will your centers accept insurance to cover the cost?
      For the most part insurance companies will not cover the cost of staying in a Louisiana Teen Challenge.
    • Will Louisiana Teen Challenge accept dual diagnosis or mentally ill patients?
      Generally, all individuals who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol tend to be dual-diagnosis. Louisiana Teen Challenge is open to assist all who are able to function in a live-in setting. Those that have severe limitations are referred to organizations where they can find the care required for their special needs.
    • How long is your program?
      The typical Louisiana Teen Challenge experience lasts 12-18 months barring any unforeseen circumstances. Emphasis is placed, not on a time element, but on the evaluated progress of the student as to when completion is made.
    • Do you have adult programs?
      Yes, in fact, the vast majority (only 23 out of 167 residential centers are adolescent) of our programs are for participants aged 18 and above.
    • Does it cost to go to your program and if so how much?
      Costs vary from center to center. Because these fees are set by the local center and their Board of Directors, it would be more instructive to call the local center for more information.
    • Can a person get court ordered to go to your program?
      Approximately 15% of our population nationwide is court ordered into our program. However, because of our faith-based nature, the court is required to give the individual a choice, (i.e. do 12 months in a correctional facility or complete the Louisiana Teen Challenge program.) It is important that such a person understand that biblical principles are fully integrated into the program at Louisiana Teen Challenge.
    • Do you take just behavioral issues in your adolescent programs and if so where are those located?
      The primary focus for Louisiana Teen Challenge involves helping individuals who are struggling with life-controlling problems, specifically drug and alcohol.
    • If I want to re-enter your program, do I have to start all over and if not where are those centers?
      That would depend on the circumstances under which you left. In most cases you would have to start all over again. If you want to go to a different center from the one you were originally in be aware that the new center will need to contact the former Louisiana Teen Challenge for a follow up on your activity during your stay.
    • If I have a complaint where do I go on your website to send an email?
      Most complaints should go to the center for which they are directed. If there is not a resolution to your problem then the program’s Board of Directors is the next avenue through which a complaint may be registered. Some centers are administrated through a regional office. The regional office should handle any complaints concerning a local center’s activities. The national office may be contacted as well, however, this office does not exercise supervisory control over local Teen Challenges.

    FAQ’s for Family Members

    • If I wanted to visit, will I be allowed?
      Each LouisianTeen Challenge has its own visitation policy, but generally only immediate family is allowed contact with the student. Contact between the student and other individuals will be severely restricted for the same reasons as other programs of similar nature. If you would simply like to tour a Louisiana Teen Challenge facility we would be happy to show you around. All we ask is that you call beforehand so a person is available to provide a tour.
    • As a parent can I study along with my child and if so how do I get the books?
      Because all Louisiana Teen Challenge programs do not use exactly the same curriculum it would be advantageous for a relative that would like to go through it to contact the center directly and speak to the appropriate person (i.e. program director, education director) concerning the materials that your loved one will complete and see if you are able to order it through that center.

    FAQ’s about Donations

    • If I have been sending money for a center does it go to the center or to the main office in Springfield?
      All monies donated are sent directly to the center requested.
    • I have a car I want to donate, how do I do that?
      Louisiana Teen Challenge is equipped to receive car donations. Please contact a center below for more information..
    • How do I find Louisiana Teen Challenge Donation Centers?
      Call 504-947-7949 for the closest center near you.

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    How does someone get into the program?

    Click Here to see our outline of the steps we require for admission, as well all other pre-entry responsibilities that we place upon the applicant. We also invite you to call the appropriate Induction Center with questions about issues.

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    Louisiana Residential Centers

    New Orleans Teen Challenge- Men's Induction (504) 947-7949
    Ruston Teen Challenge- Men's Induction (318) 254-2830
    Shreveport Teen Challenge- Men's Induction (318) 673-8383
    Lafayette Teen Challenge- Men's Induction (337) 754-7275
    Minden Family Center- Women's Induction (318) 382-0203
    The Bridge Teen Challenge- Women's Induction (337) 923-7009
    Mt. Grace Women's Training Center (318) 648-1100
    Mt. Grace Men's Training Center (318) 648-2426
    West Monroe Referral Center (318) 600-4264

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